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931 729 4571

Alpha Baptist Association
           James Parham DoM

Putting God First...Together
Advancing Lewis, Perry Hickman Areas For Christ


                  November 1-2 2019   

        Youth grades 6 and up


Location: Fairfield Baptist Church

                                     Cost: $20


Friday  5 PM -Saturday 4 PM

                              Separate buildings provided for girls and boys


The Youth Leaders are looking for the 2020 location for Change Point please contact the Alpha Office if you are interested in hosting next year. Certain space requirements are needed.


Outsiders welcome. We see outcasts everyday—people who fit under a different stereotype, don’t look like us, like what we like, or believe the same things. It’s easy to walk away from the outcast, leaving them forever in that category, but Jesus never did. Instead, he walked into the difficulty of their lives to bring them the ultimate insider experience—belonging in his family.