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ZMTI 101 Biblical Interpretation

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the importance and value of responsible and careful exegesis and interpretation of a biblical text.
  • To demonstrate a knowledge of the literary genres of the Bible and the rules of their interpretation.
  • To gain a greater knowledge of the importance of using a good translation of the Scriptures.
  • To learn the necessary research tools, skills and methodologies for interpreting the Bible and applying its message.

Text for the Course, Living by the Book, the Art and Science of Reading the Bible by Howard G.G. Hendricks and William D.D. Hendricks.

Course Requirements:

  • Attendance. Participants must attend a minimum of 80% of the classes to receive a passing grade.
  • Participation in class discussions.
  • Participants will write a 3 page paper on five insights the course taught them on the subject of properly interpreting the Bible. These insights should be drawn from the textbook, lectures or other resources presented by the instructor during the course. How will these insights change or strengthen the way you read the Bible? Paper should be double-spaced typed 12 point Times-Roman with title page. Title page should include name, date, course and instructor. Due week 7 of class. (Remember that plagiarizing is cheating.)

Instructor: Matthew Brown

Contact 615 812 8947

Class Schedule:

6:00 pm

Week 1- January 26, 2021 Intro to syllabus and overview of the process of reading the Bible.

Week 2-February 2, 2021 The value of Observation; 10 strategies to first rate reading.

Week 3-February 9, 2021 Six things to look for in a passage of Scripture.

Week-4 February 16, 2021 Interpretation part 1-Value of interpretation and understanding genre.

Week 5-February 23, 2021 Interpretation part 2-5 keys to interpretation

Week 6-March 2, 2021 Application part 1-4 steps of application and 9 questions to ask.

Week 7- March 9, 2021 Application part 2- The principle of the thing. Paper is due.

Week 8 March 16, 2021 Additional resources and final discussion.

Grades will be based on:

Assigned Reading 25%

Class Discussions 25%

Insight Paper 50%

Books can be preordered from, Amazon, LifeWay or purchase one from the Association on the first day of class!